our rotorua studio will be shut from friday 24th novemeber 2021 untill further notice.
if you have vouchers expiring after this date please call 0226026591 for refunds. 

thank you for all your support over the last 4 years.
hope to see you all again soon.

bai mint rotorua team


1225 Tutanekai Street

Our professional team of therapists are here seven days a week to bring you the best massage experience in town.

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our service

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thai massage
Aromatic massage
Thai oil Massage

 An ancient unique clothed massage that combines massage techniques, acupressure, joint manipulation, passive stretching to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness.​

A fabulous blend of Thai Massge and Sport Massage techniques, using a mixture of oil and Thai herbal balm. Our therapist will work on your deep tissue to hlep relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue.


Unlike other massag, this is less about deep tissue work, the massage soothes your body and encourages a peaceful mind. It focuses on the energy lines and accupressure points to stimulate the body's self-healing and will leave you feeling invigorated.

the extraodinary

60 Min


90 Min


120 Min


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Herbal compress
foot reflex massage

Start with a foot soak and scrub then a gentle massage to improve circulation, reduce stress, muscle tension and stimulate the activity of internal organs for optimum internal health.

30 Min - $45  

hot stone therapy
Hot coconut oil massage

This addictive muscle-melting therapy is a sensation of hot pure coconut oil rubbed on the entire length of your body.Using Swedish techiques, This massage will increase the circulation of the body, improve the look of your skin, help you to sleep better and promote the general good health of your body. Let us help ease away all your stresses and strains!

The session will start off with a Traditional Thai Oil Massage followed by the use of the warm Thai Herbal Ball. The Herbal Compress is part icularly good for elevating sore and tired muscles. The herbs have anti-inflamatory properties and are applied for detoxification purposes.


(Please book 1 hour in advance) 

Enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and wellbeing. The heat in the stone is effective in enabling the muscles to loosen up and relax. This make it easier for deep tissue manipulation, improve blood circulation which enhances detoxification and flow of energy. Our professional massage therapists also incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones.

(Please book 30 Mins in advance)

Anti - Stress Express

20 Min


30 Min


40 Min


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The anti-stress express is a massage treatment that relieves tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Follow by head massage to stimulate scalp circulation while soothing the energy flow to the head's temples.

(Thai herbal blam & Oil is used) 

Recommended for those who prefer firm or relaxing massage

relax & save packages

Package A : $90.00


40 Min Back Massage + 30 Min Foot Massage

Your treatment start with a 30 Min Foot Reflexology Massage then follow by a 40 Min Back Massage

Excellent choice for those who love getting their feet massage but also need to eliminate all the muscle tension on their back & shoulder.


Package B : $120.00


60 Min Massage Treatment + 40 Min Foot Massage

We start off your treatment with a 40 Min Foot Reflex Massage then follow by a 60 Min Massage Treatment 

You will leave feeling relax, as it is deeply relieving, restful, and healing. It promotes vitality and wellness by releasing the blocked energy within your body, helping it to achieve a state of balance, flexibility, and harmony.

Package C : $150.00

60 Min Thai Aroma Massage + 60 Min Foot Massage

Your treatment start off with a 60 Min Foot Massage then follow by a 60 Min Massage Treatment

This is for muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles and mobility, reduce and relieve stress and anxiety, promote blood circulation. It also helps boost your inner energy levels.



Extra Add on

 You may add these add on to any of your massage treatments for the ultimate relaxation 

Head Massage - $10.00

Hand Massage - $10.00

Hot Stone - $15.00

Express Facial - $45.00


Groups 4 or more save $5
NOTE: these discount price are not valid with other specials